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Pony Mounted Games


What are Mounted Games, or Pony-Games as they call it in Switzerland, anyway?


Mounted Games is an exciting horseback riding sport, which originated in India, developed by the English Cavaliers who used their spare time during times of peace to keep fit, playing Pony Mounted Games. In the 19th hundreds they brought the Mounted Games back to England, where in the 1950’s this discipline became officially accepted by the English “Pony-Club”. From this time on, there was no stopping the continuing success story of Pony Mounted Games. This discipline quickly spread to many European Countries. At the subsequent annual World Championships even teams from America and Australia take part.


A Team consists of 4-5 Riders, 4 of which compete in a team competition. The aim is to complete the consecutive games as fast as possible, correcting any mistakes immediately. One little mistake can change the order of precedence, which in turn makes the Mounted Games vastly exciting. The Mounted Games challenges are divided into technical, swiftness and jumping disciplines.


We recommend you visit the Homepage of the Swiss Association for Pony Mounted Games for more information regarding the Mounted Games and the exact rules and regulations.