At the end of 2007 we discovered Mounted Games and completed our first training full of enthusiasm.  It quickly became clear that we could attest our agilities in tournaments!


For the 2008 season we had two teams, the Samajos Tornados (u16) and the Samajos Hurricanes (o16). The season ran well with not too amazing results, but we couldn’t expect more in the first year. We did have many great experiences together and travelled all over Switzerland with our ponies.


In 2009 we had to miss the season because our trainer Sarah changed Stables. Just Kerstin with her new team the “Flying Stars” from the western part of Switzerland took part in the tournaments.


In 2010 Samajos Ponys were back in action! The “Tornados” started out with a new crew and Kerstin stayed with the “Flying Stars”.

The season closed with our little “Tornados” (the youngest rider only 8 years old) not quite coping with the speed of the game causing quite a few mishaps.

Kerstin with the Flying Stars were the 2010 champions of the Open 3, which could be due to a lack of rivalry. J


For 2011 we are raring to go! We have managed to inspire many new riders for Mounted Pony Games. We go into this season with three teams and do hope for success and an injury free season.

In 2012 we had a special adventure called "Peter Dale in Turin"! Our hard training sessions paid us well and we're very proud. We hope we can start again at international competitions in the near future.

2013 and 2014 we were able to build two teams with new ponies and riders. Alhtough there weren' many rivals, we're more than happy with our outstanding places at the competitions. We're looking forward to our next season and maybe we can welcome a few new riders next year?

In 2015 our group grew extremely. Now we can start with four teams:

Chilis (U14), Tornados (U17), No Limits (Open) and Chicas (Ü27)

For more information please see “Riders and Ponies”.